Saturday, November 21, 2009

The "turn on" of the LHC

I guess many of you have witnessed via any source of network communication, media, or newspaper that yesterday, Friday the 20th of 2009 the CERN started to operate the LHC, the world's largest and higher-energy particle accelerator.Physicist really hope that this outstanding machine will help answer fundamental questions about physics today, like moments after the Big Bang, supersymmentry, the famous Higgs boson called the "God Particle" and any evidence of other dimensions. Now, the experiment which constitutes of many other experiments such as ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and ALICE is successful.... this means according to the Wikipidia.... :0)

"....a single Higgs boson may be produced every few hours. At this rate, it may take up to three years to collect enough data to discover the Higgs boson unambiguously. Similarly, it may take one year or more before sufficient results concerning supersymmetric particles have been gathered to draw meaningful conclusions"

O.O Well, that wasn't hard enough to understand. After all the accidents that the LHC been through, like this one or this one I can now relax, lean on my chair and follow CERN from twitter :oP specially to wait for some conclusions for the next 3 years HAHAHAHA! (I won't stay on my chair for 3 years! Doh!)

Now the most intriguing part of the LHC is that those conclusions can help our technology, like computers spacecraft and I guess medicine too. Imagine that we get a to discover the Higgs Boson! well that actually could help us in the understanding of our universe and therefore many quantum problems involving technology such as Quantum Computers can be more sophisticated. How? I certainly don't know i'm not a computer scientist LOL but my point is that knowing more about the universe can help us a lot for a Warp drive, Teleportation , nanotechnology, Dark matter, Dark energy and String Theory and it derivatives.

In the meantime before all of this happens we must wait .....Ahem! 3 years for conclusions LOL soooo.. the only thing I can like a said before lean on my chair and follow CERN on twitter HA!


  1. I see you dont post in spanish anymore D:

  2. There is a translator to translate it in spanish........


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