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Clarification of causes and effects of the universe and humans

With regard to human beings:

The Law of Cause and Effect is a law of life that many people do not take into account, and that is really the most important to achieve good results in all aspects of our lives.

The Law of Cause and Effect is also known as the Law of Consequence, remuneration or compensation. The Law of Cause and Effect is a law that works well on all levels and brings the realization that everything we sow, both in thought, word and action. This means that everything we do sets in motion a cause and it brings a consequence, positive or negative, depending on the cause putting into motion. There is no chance, good luck or bad luck, just results.

With regard to the physics:

In physics, the term describes the causal relationship between cause and effect, and is central to all the natural sciences, particularly physics. In general terms, causality can be studied from several perspectives: the philosophy of computing and statistics.

The principle of causation posits that all-around event-effect should always have a cause (which, in identical circumstances, a cause always has the same effect is known as the "principle of uniformity"). It is used to search for defined laws, which assign to each cause a corresponding effect.
This principle reflects a mechanical behavior of nature, which until the twentieth century had been accepted and performed in a deterministic sense. However, early this century introduced its Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that profoundly altered the classical principle of causality.

Heisenberg and other parents of quantum mechanics introduced a model of the atom that abandoning the classical vision of a compound of particles and waves. It was concluded that it was doomed to failure any attempt to draw analogies between the atomic structure and our intuition about macroscopic objects. The mathematical formulation of the theory of Heisenberg was initially called matrix mechanics, because it required the use of arrays of classical linear algebra. This formulation was up to the mechanical wave, the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger.

Using this mechanical energy levels or electron orbits are described in probabilistic terms: in general, for the same cause is due not always the same effect, but there are a variety of possible effects. Only one can predict (although, in principle, with a total reliability deterministic) the likelihood that, if the cause is, occurring every one of the effects.


The cause and effect in relation to man and with the science of physics are completely different. The cause and effect in our lives are events that cause us either through our thoughts, words and actions, or in relation to what are strewn with all of the above. But in the end physical cause and effect are not words or thoughts or actions in relation to what is strewn with the above. Think that based in multi verses...the physics itself explains the causes and events therefore physics can explain an equilibrium in every universe. Imagine that you are a time traveler that manages to go to the past, you will actually go to the past of another universe with the same conditions than your universe, but is a whole different universe because nature manages that if you go to the past you won't go to your own past and change the future, so when you manage to make a bifurcation in the river of time, every action you toke in the past of your universe won't alter the past of the other universe because it wasn't your past, so if you go to the past and you kill your grandfather you won't be actually killing your grandfather, you would be killing another persons gradfather in another universe which could be or couldn't be your paralel grandfather. why? because the physics points to an equilibrium of each event . So every action you might take that would violate this equilibrium at the same time will violate the laws of physics and the universe will manage to make it stable again.

An example: imagine that in your time life you witness a terrorist attack to a ship, many people die, now you discover time travel, you go back to the past to catch the dude of the bomb and kill him, you kill the man who putted the bomb in the ship but than you see that the ship sinks and again, many people die. You manage to go again to the past to figure out why did the ship sunk, you discover that it was a hole that the ship had so you fix it, but this time when you get out of the ship you die. But actually the guy who die was your future "you" not yourself. So actually the future you changed, the course of time made a bifurcation in the river of time and the old river just vanishes and the new river continue. So every action you take that might violate the course of physics at the same time physics finds a way to stable the violation to its equilibrium.


(this article is highly patented)

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