Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hello fellas!

This year has been very exciting for me, I hope that also was exciting to you as well. My wish for this next year is that this blog gets a better template LOL!! a one that suits much better. I also have to say that after all the great achievements in science and many other achievements in other areas as well, it has been a very special year for me. In many aspects of course, but talking about me and and how special was this year to me, is not the subject in this post. I have to say something very important in this post.

The invention of Christmas eve... a celebration of cheerful and lovable dinner, received gifts and a lot of wine! Is intend to make people happy, to remember good memories, to decorate, to sing and play music and carols, to write postcards to our friends and family and wait for Santa to receive the most waited gifts.

But we have to remember the ones that don't have presents to receive, a family to cheer greetings , cloths to put on, and a house to live in. I dedicate this post not only to the people that reads my blog ones in a while or to the ones that just passes by for curiosity to see my blog ; but to the people who don't have access to internet, a computer to learn, families under pain because they had a very important lost in their families, to the poor who is in need and is under war circumstances, to the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan for their country and mainly for those poor children who are starving and struggling for their lives.

Therefore, this post is specially for them.

P.D: I really hope you guys have an enjoyable Christmas, and I wish you the best in this holidays!!

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