Thursday, July 22, 2010

The MOST bizarre thing in the MILKY WAY= Hyper-fast star faster than ever??

Is been a while since i posted anything in my blog, and to be honest i didn't know what in the world post. But today i just saw some interesting post at nasa's website. This for me is like the most bizarre thing I ever read in my LIFE! According to NASA (As said in the article) a hundred million years ago, a triple-star system was traveling through the bustling center of our Milky Way Galaxy when it made a life-changing misstep. The trio wandered to close to the galaxy's giant black hole, which captured one of the stars and hurled the other two out of the Milky Way. Adding to the stellar game of musical chairs, the two outbound stars merged to form a super- hot, blue star.

-Here is the image for graphical explanation.

1.Triple-star system moves near black hole at center of Milky Way galaxy.
2.One star falls toward black hole; binary pair recoils and is ejected.
3.Binary system leaves galaxy.
4.Binary merges to form blue straggler.
5.Blue straggler travels away from galaxy.
The most bizarre thing of all, is that the blue star from the triple star system that escaped the milky way galaxy, did it twice as fast than any regular hyper-fast star,(which by the way are very common in the Milky Way). A team of investigators calculated the speed from the point of ejection to its current location and  quoted,

"The star is traveling at an absurd velocity, twice as much as the star needs to escape the galaxy's gravitational field," explains Brown, a hypervelocity star hunter who found the first unbound star in 2005. "There is no star that travels that quickly under normal circumstances-something exotic has to happen."

So, the most interesting part is that astronomers indicate, that this exotic matter might be the always known but yet unknown dark matter. Is very bizarre to know that in our galaxy the way that dark matter pulls a rabbit out of the had with something so bizarre as contradicting the usual speeds of hyper-fast stars is pretty amusing, not only dark matter is invisible and is pulling apart the universe together with dark energy but now it seems it does it without a constant speed.

Could it be that the black hole help out by inertia the blue star and that added up with the pulling force of the dark matter distributed in our galaxy? who knows....but the amazing universe is more pulchritudinous than ever.  

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