Monday, April 12, 2010

The Concept: Strange Bedfellows The Target: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a pseudoscience that has existed for more than 200 years. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, developed homeopathy in about 1796. He was dissatisfied with the conventional medicine of his time. And therefore he invented an alternative medicine,  he was tired of seeing people die because of the remedy than by the disease itself. Hahnemann did not believe in atoms, and yet, he thought that matter could be divided endlessly.

The essential method of homeopathy is to dilute a substance by reducing its concentration of it by a process called "potentization" where by as said before; is a substance getting diluted.

The substance must be diluted with alcohol or distilled water and vigorously shaken in a process called "succusion". Shaking by forceful striking.

Considering the understanding of modern biochemistry, it is paradoxical that a process of dilution would arrive at a higher potency than a lower dilution, and in some highly diluted preparations there is very low probability for even a single molecule of the original substance to be present. As a matter of fact to make things more specific. The New Age movement is found in the emphasis upon some mystical energy (called the "vital force") which, though unquantifiable, supposedly permeates the universe and is responsible for healing.

(Ironically, the same way my nose predicts a T-storm).

One of the most gathering amusing things about this subject is the way how many physicians deeply believes in  Homeopathy.

When you take a look in the internet, you can find very amusing things to read about homeopathy. There are some interesting articles written by doctors such as Dr. Peter Klay. In his article we can find how he intends to revive or just let's say, to introduce the basic principles of Homeopathy to science in a very optimistic way.

Dr. Klay explains how Homepathy can activate beneficial genes such as p53. He also explains how this "highly sophisticated molecular biological techniques" such as dilution and dynamized ( potentized) can, in fact, not only cure cancer but prevent the battle against cancer. (If I understood the article right, Of Course).

( What Dr. Klay doesn't know is that my nose can create a neutron star potentized in diluted space).

I think that Dr. Klay is not trying to consider that when  you dilute a substance and you know that the greater the dilution the most likely the dilution will not contain any molecules of the substance being diluted.

When talking about amusing you know you're talking about something funny. But, when you talk about Homeopathy acts different in different genetic blue prints is like saying that Haiti recently lost many citizens because of a Hurricane, when everybody knows it was because of an Earthquake.

New Homeopathy is the new thing in the New Age movement to the new people getting involved in the old Homeopathy. New Homeopathy compared with he old Homeopathy is diluting DNA molecules with specific nucleotide sequences, this specific nucleotide sequences it refers to SNA ( Specific Nucleotide Acids) as the New Homeopathy. Now!! after all this nonsense i'm commenting here I asked myself this question, I mean really, how could highly DNA molecules target beneficial health promoting through their sequences?

Nevertheless, according to New Homeopathy and Dr. Klay is called "Telepathic DNA".

I know it sounds very pseudo-scientific, but, not to fear!

"If it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck; and sounds like a duck, than it probably is a duck". To what extent does homeopathy look like a complete QUACK, QUACK, QUACKERY? Let me rephrase the so called telepathic DNA and SNA invention of Dr.Klay and his stooges to clear the faulty logic.

The first example of SNA argument shown in Dr. Klay's article just show the fact that homeopathy does not guarantee validity because in first place, the more diluted a substance the more it loses its properties and second, just imagine the quantity and assortment  of substances to dilute and actually recognize each and every single one of their DNA structures to make it recognize our own sequence! ENDLESS!!!!

Per say, I'm not saying is impossible I'm just saying that you can't really tell when a grain of salt is going to communicate with your hair to heal your toe. Even WORST! diluting salt with hair to hear your toe.

The paper of "DNA double helices recognize mutual sequence homology in a protein free environment" is, in fact, very interesting. However, from that paper written by Baldwin GS, Brooks NJ, Robson RE, Wynveen A, Goldar A, Leikin S, Seddon JM, Kornyshev AA. and to call it homeopathy is "non sequitur". Yet again, when diluting chocolate with mil and adding more milk to try to make it taste more like chocolate is not a logical way of thinking.

I just hope that my nose doesn't lose power when homeopathy strikes it with "homeovitality" power.

"The only thing necessary for quackery to succeed is for intelligent people to do nothing"

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