Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mouse cells controlled by light

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Mice! who doesn't hate them? an animal going under the nickname "disgusting bacteria-laden" a terrorist little bastard who toddles around and leaves his excrement all over the place! infecting everything! Now, namely what the fellows of UCSF researchers have genetically encoded mouse cells to respond to light. This little creature aren't just a carrier of bacteria, but now they respond to light. At least the good thing about this, is that whenever you turn off the light of your house, you might enconter a lighting-mice in the dark.

This discovery in my opinion its a serious advance in science, even though the scares and screems that can cause this little creature are absolutely horrible. If you find yourself in the night, like per example if you going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the great advantage is that if you want to kill the little F&%$! you can find him rapidly armed with a broom.

Not only this discovery can help you during the night, but like the article said, it can safe you from darkness.

Sometimes I ask myself, why do we blame so much this little creature when they help us discover new things in medecine? Our ignorance sometimes clouds our common sense and makes us think the worst scenarios with this little creatures. But precisely the horrible scenarios is what perhaps makes researchers to find new answers for new or incurable diseases.

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